Boys Love 2 (2007) with English Subtitles

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Boys Love 2 (2007)
1h 28min | Drama | August 2007 (Japan)


Aoi, a young teacher with striking good looks, has just learned that his newest student Sora is the alluring teen prostitute he once hired. Here the nightmare begins. As the walls of the prestigious academy become a percolating hotbed of sexual intrigue, prostitution and blackmail, other students, including Sora’s nerdy roommate and the sinister campus bully, are pulled down the same torrid path of unquenchable desire toward the inevitable moment when obsession turns deadly.

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Boys Love 2/Schoolboy Crush (2007, directed and cowritten by Terauchi Kôtarô) is narrated by the very attractive, very young-looking Kotani Yoshikazu, returned from Boys Love as Mr. Aoi, a teacher at an elite private Catholic boys school. He can’t get it up for the beautiful boy he has rented, Sora [Atsumi Kanno], and is very discomfited to find Sora starting at the school, including being in Aoi’s science class.

Sora is given as a roommate the lonely, book-smart, and persecuted Ichiyo Mizuma [Kawakubo Yuuki], who is more than grateful to have someone to hang with. Losing his longtime punching bag (I mean emotionally, more than physically), and dismayed at the admiration of Sora by others (notably on the rugby field), the very rich, very spoiled Riku [Kazunori Tani] aims to take Sora down, a desire increased as Riku realizes that Mr. Aoi cares for Sora.

There are multiple shower scenes, shot with care to avoid showing pubic hair or penises, and other shirtless scenes for Atsumi. The young female audience for fraught romance between beautiful (androgynously beautiful) young males (bishonen) extends from manga to cinema. (And the nominal adult, Mr. Aoi, looks barely older than the boys.)

Director: Kôtarô Terauchi
Writers: Kôtarô Terauchi, Karoruko
Stars: Yoshikazu Kotani, Atsumi Kanno, Yuuki Kawakubo

Boys Love 2 (2007) with English Subtitles 11
Boys Love 2 (2007)

88 min|Drama|01 Aug 2007

6.1Rating: 6.1 / 10 from 248 users
An erotic cat and mouse game set in an all-boys' prep school.

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