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Chemin de Croix 2008
Unrated | 53min | Drama | 2008 (France)

User review:

The packaging of “Jonathan-Die Passion” suggests another silly gay-themed film, but in fact, this is a gritty and dark exercise in religious symbolism. A quote from the bible, having to do with showing love and understanding to your own torturer, gives the hint that this is not a typical film. It isn’t a gay film at all, actually. Jonathan steals some money from his mothers bag and, together with a friend of his, travels to the city in search of sex, drugs…or both. After the two are turned away from a porno theatre for being underage, they venture into a more dangerous place where they might secure some hashish. The abandoned building where the deal takes place resembles something out of the “Hostel” films, and the shady but beautiful guy who sells them the hash, offers them the drugged out whore lying on the couch in the same room. However the deal goes wrong, and in the midst of a graphic menage a trois, a shootout takes place between the boy and an unexpected guest. Jonathan’s buddy escapes, but Joanthan is held prisoner, gagged and beaten by the other boy, who begins to panic. The violence level in “Die Passion” is high, and features some very authentic looking beatings, and bleeding, open wounds. The films non-existent budget lends the film a very bleak, and seedy quality. But all the ugly imagery is offset by the cast, which is made up of three very beautiful actors, especially Fabien De Marchi, with his exotic Arabic looks. Fabien plays his part of the quiet, and supremely forgiving Jonathan, who, much like Jesus in the hands of his own abusers, can only gaze upon his torturer with a look of love and total understanding. Running a short 54 minutes, “Jonathan: Die Passion” (as it is called in Germany) is a very unique, poetic piece of work, but it’s serious and violent nature might not be appreciated by some audiences, especially those looking for some lightweight, erotic entertainment. Cyril Legann is a director to watch, as is the beautiful actor Fabien De Marchi. Recommended for fans of violent and dark cinema.

Director: Cyril Legann
Writer: Cyril Legann
Stars: Fabien De Marchi, Johan Libéreau, Alexandre Palmieri
Country: France
Language: French
Release Date: 2008 (France)
Also Known As: Crossway

Chemin de Croix 2008 with English Subtitles 11
Crossway (2008)

53 min|Drama|N/A

5.6Rating: 5.6 / 10 from 110 users


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