Devil’s Playground 2014

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Devil’s Playground 2014
45min | Drama | TV Mini-Series (2014)


In 1976, Fred Schepisi’s first feature film, The Devil’s Playground, daringly dealt with the conflict between desire and spirituality in a Catholic seminary. It’s now considered a classic of Australian cinema. At the film’s centre was a 13-year-old boy, Tom Allen, torn between his calling and his sexuality. This series picks up the story 35 years later. It is 1988 and Tom is now in his forties. A practising Catholic and respected Sydney psychiatrist, Tom accepts an offer from the Bishop of Sydney to become a secular confessor to the Catholic clergy, and is soon embroiled in political and theological intrigue.

User review:

Brilliant mini TV series. Devil’s Playground is inspired from the 1976 film Devil’s Playgroung and it is kind of a sequel to it. I haven’t watched the 1976 film (although after watching the series I would like to) and didn’t find any difficulties following the narrative of the series. It is a mystery situated in 1988 Australia, after the disappearance of a thirteen year old boy from a Catholic school. A beautifully made psychological thriller about the 1980’s society and the church. Very realistic. The plot unravels really smooth, there are plot twists and what I enjoyed most about this series is that the characters are not what they appear to be, like in real life. The acting is great and I absolutely loved John Noble as Bishop Vincent Quaid (he is a great actor and I wish he had his own show). I couldn’t stop watching, as I was so intrigued to see what happens next. I highly recommend it.

Stars: Simon Burke, Don Hany, John Noble
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 9 September 2014 (Australia)
Filming Locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Devil’s Playground 2014 18
Devil's Playground (2014)

45 min|Drama|09 Sep 2014
7.9Rating: 7.9 / 10 from 248 users
Deals with the issue of crimes committed by Australian Catholic clergy.

2 reviews for Devil’s Playground 2014

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    2 DVD movie. Great story and peformance

  2. Ronald Gaskin (verified owner)

    This was good

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