Dew (Let’s Go Together) 2019 with English Subtitles on DVD

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Dew (Letxe2x80x99s Go Together) 2019
123min | Drama | 2019


Dew the movie tells the story of romantic love between two boys. But the circumstances of the times deterred them from pursuing their feelings and having a relationship.
23 years later, one of them attempts to reconnect and perhaps reunite in an era where there is more tolerance and acceptance. Directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul, the maker of the acclaimed Love of Siam and Grean Fiction.

User review:

Why is Dew hated by the gay boys? This is one of the common queries. The effeminate boys who were forced into training resent Dew because deep inside they know he was also gay. Thus, when their relationship became the talk, even the straight boys hate Dew out of their sympathy for Pob. Nont Sadanont plays the local boy, Pob. Hexe2x80x99s straight-forward, conveys himself quite well via his facial expressions. He is obviously intimidated by his Dad yet found his voice when he began to get intimate with Dew. Hexe2x80x99s generous with his love for the other boy and is willing to sacrifice himself out of love. Sadanont xe2x80x93 for a relative newcomer xe2x80x93 matches Ohm Pawat scene for scene. He is more subtle with his acting as required by his character, but equally effective.

Director: Chookiat Sakveerakul
Stars: Ohm Pawat, Nont Sadanont

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