Dirt Road to Lafayette 2018

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Dirt Road to Lafayette 2018
1h 40min | Drama | 24 June 2018 (UK)


Murdo, 15, and his father, Tom, journey from Scotland to North Alabama to visit their American/Scots relatives after the death of his mother. Murdo is an accordion player but has not played since his mother passed. He meets an old lady called Queen Monzee-ay who plays accordion. She rekindles his interest in music and invites him play a gig with her. The music becomes a wedge which drives itself between him and his father, who out of the best intentions tries to control him. Eventually Murdo transcends his father and follows the music.

User review:

A gentle portrait of a tight grieving Scottish father with few words to express his feelings and his musical son on their trip to family in the south of the USA. Through music, Murdo, the son, finds new challenges and new hopes. The small intimate scale of the movie, backed by the strong lively music that runs through it, taps into many rich themes of family, culture and the importance of music.

Director: Kenneth Glenaan
Writer: James Kelman
Stars: Neil Sutcliffe, David O’Hara, Margo Moorer
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 24 June 2018 (UK)
Filming Locations: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Dirt Road to Lafayette (2016)

100 min|Drama|N/A
Dirt Road to Lafayette is a coming of age road movie set against the backdrop of the Cajun and Zydeco music scene in Louisiana. Its about a 17 year old Scottish boy (Murdo) who comes to …

4 reviews for Dirt Road to Lafayette 2018

  1. Christina (verified owner)

  2. Ronald L Cutrera (verified owner)

    Have not watched it yet.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Acting so-so, but great music. Wish there was a soundtrack CD. The DVD appears to be a recording of the BBC transmission, as there is a BBC motif in the top corner of the screen!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

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