Dream a Little Dream 1989



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Dream a Little Dream 1989
PG-13 | 1h 54min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 3 March 1989 (USA)
Storyline:The lives of a crusty old scientist and a bratty, teen Michael-Jackson-wannabe are about to intersect in a paranormal way. Coleman Ettinger seeks to break down the door of reality through studied dreaming; Bobby Keller wants Lainie Diamond, the girlfriend of his high school friend Joel, a handsome school jock. As Coleman persuades his wife Gena to join his experiments, an accident knocks their bodies out of existence, along with Bobby’s consciousness. Coleman’s consciousness winds up in Bobby’s body while Gena’s ends up buried and asleep inside Lainie’s. Only when sleeping can Coleman contact Bobby and elicit his help in putting things back, except that Bobby smugly prefers limbo over his aggravated life as a modern teenager.User review:I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Just another teenage flick was turned into a decent movie by the direction and production team. I normally don’t care for slow motion sequences like the ones in this movie, but they work because of the eerie tone. The soundtrack of familiar 60/70s music also works for the same reason.My favorite scene is where the Robards character is pretending to be the Feldman character by trying to speak teenage slang. I can picture Robards speaking the lines and it just breaks me up. A nice supporting cast rounds out the story, which essentially doesn’t amount to much more than two people finding respect for each other. In this case, it’s all that it needed.
Director: Marc Rocco
Writers: Daniel Jay Franklin (story), Daniel Jay Franklin (screenplay)
Stars: Corey Feldman, Jason Robards, Piper Laurie
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 3 March 1989 (USA)
Also Known As: Long Before Tomorrow
Filming Locations: New Hanover High School – 1307 Market Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
IMDB Profile tt0097236

Dream a Little Dream (1989)

Dream a Little Dream 1989 11


Dream a Little Dream

Director: Marc Rocco

Writers: Daniel Jay Franklin, Marc Rocco, Danny Eisenberg

Stars: Corey Feldman, Jason Robards, Corey Haim

Summary: An accident puts the consciousness of an elderly dream researcher into the body of a bratty teenager. The problem? The kid prefers dreamworld limbo to real life.

Also known as: Dream a Little Dream (1989) on DVD

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