El cazador 2020

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El cazador 2020
1h 41min | Drama | 23 January 2020 (Netherlands)


Ezequiel, a 15-year-old teenager, is left alone at home when his parents travel to Europe for a month. One day he meets Mono at the skatepark. But meeting with Mono offers much more than the connection, intimacy, and sex he was looking for. He lands in a chilling situation that possibly makes him feel more alone than he already was.

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The latest film from Marco Berger, who won the Berlin Teddy award for Absent in 2011, is a muted, sometimes evasive, coming of age picture which negotiates the drama of its young protagonistxe2x80x99s life with care and sympathy. Fifteen-year-old Ezequiel (Juan Pablo Cestaro) has known that he prefers boys to girls since he was 12. But his gayness is still something he is learning to navigate, something to which there remains an element of shame attached. With his parents away for a month, Ezequiel sets out to explore his sexuality. But his fumbled seduction attempts repeatedly fizzle into awkwardness and apologies. Then Ezequiel meets Mono (Lautaro Rodrxc3xadguez), a tattooed skater kid who seems supremely comfortable in his own skin, and Ezequiel falls hard for the insouciant older boy. But Mono is not all he seems, and Ezequiel soon finds himself faced with an impossible quandary.

Director: Marco Berger
Writer: Marco Berger
Stars: Juan Pablo Cestaro, Juan Barberini, Lautaro Rodrxc3xadguez
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 23 January 2020 (Netherlands)
Also Known As: Young Hunter

El cazador 2020 2
Viva Ozz Vegas (2003)

22 min|Comedy, Music, Reality-TV|04 Feb 2003
7.2Rating: 7.2 / 10 from 13 users

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  1. Mr John (verified owner)

    El cazador 2020 is not Marco Berger at his best. His trademark slow burn pace does not really gel at all well with the elements of a thriller he introduces here. The often darkly lit scenes were a drag too though that was not the effect Berger intended. The lead young actor had a limited range when more was needed for this film to work. I like others, found his continuous face-crossing eyebrow distracting; I apologise, but it was off-putting to me. I have recently reviewed Fuccbois (2019) on this site which is an altogether more authentic, powerful and engrossing film from the Philippines on the exploitation of the young for sexual purposes.

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