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Elysium 1986
1h 58min | Drama, War


1944. The Szekeres’ are a much honoured intellectual Jewish family in Budapest, therefore they believe that they will be able to survive the Holocaust. One day the ten-year-old Gyurika does not return from the neighborhood. It is too late to learn that the well-behaved little boy was ordered by a gendarme to join the march of yellow-stared people. Gyurika still expects on the train that someone will come for him. The crazy run of his parents is in vain. Gyurika gets into the camp called Elysium, where experiments are carried out on children. Doctor Helmer grows fond of the intelligent little boy who speaks good German and is full of trust for adults again, but this does not save Gyurika from death.

Director: Erika Szántó
Writers: Imre Keszi (novel), Éva Schulze
Stars: Ferenc Bács, Zoltán Nagy, Klaus Abramowsky
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Elysium 1986 with English Subtitles 10
Elysium (1986)

118 min|Drama, War|N/A

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