En passant 2015



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En passant 2015
19min | Short | 2015 (Hungary)


Andor is 13 years old. The boy is in a loving, deep relationship with his still beautiful mother, in whose eyes sadness and secret reside. Andor escapes from the unpredictable home atmosphere of the aggressive father into the predictable world of chess. The last race of the season is of particular significance to him: he makes sure if he wins, his father will disappear from their lives forever. For a while, magic seems to work. But the phone rings and Andor makes a difficult decision. The boy suddenly becomes a man who will then be able to protect his most important mother.

Director: Kata Olxc3xa1h
Writers: Kata Olxc3xa1h (screenplay), Edina Szvoren (screenplay)
Stars: Dorka Gryllus, Mxc3xa1rton Csukxc3xa1s, Pxc3xa9ter Scherer
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Release Date: 2015 (Hungary)

En passant 2015 2
En passant (2015)

19 min|Short|N/A


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