Fast Forward 2004



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Fast Forward 2004
5min | Short, Drama, Romance | 13 July 2004 (USA)


Life is too short….

User review:

This wordless short seems to tell a life story of a gay man. It was apparently intended as a comedy but it seemed to me to miss that boat.

At first we see the shoes of a teen nervously watching the dancing at a gay bar. Apparently this is his first time in such a place. He sees a young man that he’s attracted to but is afraid to approach until he loses the opportunity to another young man.

Next he’s older and again he starts to approach a young man only to see that the young man already has a date. Next he’s older still and now he must pay for the pleasure of having a young companion. Finally he’s so old that he collapses on his way to talk to a young man.

I’m not sure why this was made or what the message may have been, but it seemed a bit sad to me. The film was well made but it seemed to have no heart or at least a cynical one. It seemed to me that this was a tragedy of sortsxc2x85 a man very quickly growing older but NOT growing in any other way.

Director: Alexis Van Stratum
Stars: Geert Hunaerts, Matteo Simoni, Benjamin Ramon
Country: Belgium
Language: French | Dutch
Release Date: 13 July 2004 (USA)
Also Known As: D’un trait
Filming Locations: Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium

Fast Forward 2004 9
Fast Forward (2004)

5 min|Short, Drama, Romance|13 Jul 2004
5.4Rating: 5.4 / 10 from 52 users


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