For the Love of Aaron 1994



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For the Love of Aaron 1994
1h 30m | Drama | 1 January 1994 (USA)
Storyline:Following her divorce, Margaret’s son Aaron is the only person who matters to her. But when Margaret unexpectedly begins showing symptoms of mental-illness, the boy’s father decides she is incapable of safely caring for their child. Determined to retain custody, Margaret embarks on a courtroom fight as well as a fight to maintain her own sanity.User review:This is an emotional TV drama about a woman named Margaret Gibson (Meredith Baxter), whose mental issues has caused her to be in danger of losing the custody of her son Aaron to her ex-husband. This leads to a pretty heroic courtroom fight in which Margaret is determined to prove that she is sane enough to keep her son.This movie generated a lot of emotion for me as I watched Margaret go through endless hurdles and obstacles in the court system, while battling her mental issues. Her son Aaron also has a bit of a problem of his own, as he is depicted to be a shy and different kid compared to his school mates.As with many TV movies, this story has some odd and hokey parts and dialog. But, the acting was decent and the movie contained heart-felt and courageous scenes about one’s battle with her demons and love for her child, making this a TV drama that will sure bring tears to your eyes and one that will be heart-felt.
Director: John Kent Harrison
Writer: Peter Silverman
Stars: Meredith Baxter, Nick Mancuso, Keegan MacIntosh
Country of origin: United States
Language: English
Filming locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
IMDB Profile tt0109821

For the Love of Aaron (1994)

For the Love of Aaron 1994 7


For the Love of Aaron

Director: John Kent Harrison

Writers: Peter Silverman

Stars: Meredith Baxter, Nick Mancuso, Keegan MacIntosh

Summary: A mentally ill woman fights to keep custody of her young son, Aaron, in the face of social stigma, courtroom drama and a spiteful ex-husband insisting that she will never be the kind of mother that Aaron needs.

Also known as: For the Love of Aaron (1994) on DVD

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