Four Days 1999



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Four Days 1999
R | 1h 32min | Drama | 12 September 1999 (Canada)
Storyline:An unseen man recalls four days of his youth when he came of age. He is Simon, in mid teens, in awe of his father who’s planned a robbery with the down-and-out Fury. Dad double-crosses Fury, using Simon in a switch of the bag of cash. Unknown to Simon, however, a bank guard later shoots dad dead and wounds Fury. Simon leaves Ontario, as planned, heading for a remote Québec town. When Fury discovers the money gone, he follow Simon with the aid of Simon’s neighbor, Feather, who’s been dad’s lover. En route to Quebec, Simon is picked up by Chrystal, a wild woman who’s just left her husband. They all meet beside a lake for a final sorting out of money and relationships.Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for language, sexuality and some violenceUser review:“Four Days” has all the makings of a crime/thriller classic. Terrific acting, sharp writing and smooth, layered direction all combine to create a wonderful filmgoing experience. Watching this film, I guarantee you will become caught up in the web it spins, as Simon (Kevin Zegers) makes his way with stolen money to meet his father (William Forsythe) who, unbeknownest to him, was shot and killed in the robbery. Forsythe’s partner, played by Colm Meaney in an Oscar-calibre performance, sees Zegers run with the loot and chases after him along with Zegers’ neighbor, played with equal conviction by Anne-Marie Cadieux. The film is too complex and rich for me to give a good description in a short paragraph, but trust me on this one: See “Four Days” and you won’t regret it.
Director: Curtis Wehrfritz
Writer: Pinckney Benedict
Stars: Kevin Zegers, Lolita Davidovich, William Forsythe
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 12 September 1999 (Canada)
Also Known As: 4 Days
Filming Locations: Laval, Québec, Canada


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