FUCCBOIS 2019 with English Subtitles

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1h 36min | Drama | 3 August 2019 (Philippines)


Ace (23) and Miko (17) desperately want to become famous actors but it seems the universe has a different plan for their lives.

User review:

I really enjoyed this film. The storyline was intriguing enough to keep you watching (not to mention the cast was beauiful), and the acting was believable. The buildup to the climax was well paced and it should give viewers the chance to sympathise with the main characters. There is room to develop the characters to see how they came to end up in the predicament they were forced to experience. The ending leaves a lot of questions. Therefore, I hope there will be a part two.

Director: Eduardo W. Roy Jr. (as Eduardo Roy Jr.)
Writer: Eduardo W. Roy Jr. (as Eduardo Roy Jr.)
Stars: Royce Cabrera, Kokoy de Santos, Ricky Davao
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog | Filipino
Release Date: 3 August 2019 (Philippines)
Also Known As: F#*@Bois

10 reviews for FUCCBOIS 2019 with English Subtitles

  1. Jeffrey Morgan (verified owner)

    So glad to have access to this great film.

  2. Bob E. (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable film

  3. Mark Boyles (verified owner)

    Not bad. Ending left wide open for a sequel.

  4. Josh C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this movie for a while now and DVDBay did not disappoint! Quality of the movie was top notch!!

  5. John (verified owner)

    Fuccbois 2019. This is an important film. It was challenging to watch on a serious social issue. The film was directed, acted and photographed with considerable skill and thoughtful judgment on how to portray confronting scenarios in a truthful way. An engrossing, well-told and impactful story but not for the faint-of-heart.

  6. FRANS P. (verified owner)

    The actual title is F#*@bois, and it is one of the best recent movies from the Philippines: story, acting and cast, all works perfectly well here.

  7. Vincent (verified owner)

  8. Bruce (verified owner)

    It’s good a bit weird though!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Donald S. (verified owner)

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