Golden 2015



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Golden 2015
3min | Short, Drama | 9 October 2015 (France)


A tale of being different and growing up.

User review:

or touching. or boring. or waste of time (three minutes could be useful used). the secret for discover its beauty – to know the case of golden young man as yourself experience. to understand the significance of the first meet with the other golden man. and its force to change everything. because it is a meet who could be very late. or never. sure, it is a gay film but not only. because it is a story about difference. about solitude. about exclusion. about the looking for the opportunity to start to real live. and this is the strange source of its beauty. because it has a precise target. who, after many experiences, recognize his way in the images from a 3 minutes film with any dialogue. because , in this case, the words are useless. an ordinary story. about solitude. and about conquer of life meaning. this is it!

Director: Kai Stänicke (as Kai Staenicke)
Writer: Kai Stänicke (as Kai Staenicke)
Stars: Maximilian Gehrlinger, Jakob Jörke, Karl Kreibich
Country: Germany
Language: None
Release Date: 9 October 2015 (France)

Golden 2015 9
Golden (2015)

3 min|Short, Drama|23 Apr 2016

7.4Rating: 7.4 / 10 from 124 users
A tale of being different and growing up.


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