Hombre 2017 with English Subtitles



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Hombre 2017
87 min | Drama | 2017


When straight guys go gay: a film anthology of stories taken from the blog Pinoy M2M Erotica


‘Hombre’ is a Spanish/Filipino word for ‘Man’. And yes, we have an eyefull of them in this delightful new erotic gay film from the Philippines.

It’s an anthology of five stories. Each story poses the question: what would a straight guy do in a gay situation? Here’s what each story is about:

A guy’s vehicle breaks down late at night in the middle of dangerous neighborhood. So he gladly accepts the offer of a kind stranger to spend the night in his cramped room. Only to realize that he already encountered his handsome host earlier in that day.

A hunky gym instructor lost his job recently. Too bad, he is deep in debt. When the collector knocks on his door, he has to figure out how to get out of this sticky situation. Especially, when the good-looking visitor is clearly irritated and has had enough of his excuses.

A young student received an unusual present from his girlfriend, a dildo. Now he is experiencing the joy of using it but is too ashamed to let anyone know. One day, his brother-in-law discovers his little secret. How will he explain this?

A straight rentboy is down on his luck one night. But he was in for a pleasant surprise. A former colleague pops up for a visit. His mentor in the flesh trade is now a successful businessman with a wife and children of his own. But what is he doing back in their seedy pick up joint?

Directot: Tim Muñoz





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