How to Make a Homo Movie 1970

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How to Make a Homo Movie 1970
X | 1h 6min | Adult | 1970 (USA)SYNOPSIS:In a “male model studio,” circa 1970, six oddball studs are interviewed, then given Blue Movie Auditions in re: “sex movies for the homosexual market.” Or, as this is also known, How to Make a Homo Movie.User review:Perhaps out of fear of prosecution, this early gay porn feature includes heavy narration of an “educational” nature, and is strictly documentary in format. What it sacrifices in omitting any sort of dramatic content it makes up for with dullness.Credits are displayed as bands taped to film cans, and prove to be a bit mysterious. Each of six actors is interviewed prior to his sex scene, but their names do not exactly match the credits.Setup shows us typical facades of L.A. female modeling studios, where guys would go to pretend to photograph pretty girls, when gazing at them in the nude was the gimmick. Narrator informs us of the parallel existence of male model studios, where movies are made for the homosexual market (like this one).A clapper board dated 12-30 (presumably 1969) introduces a choker-closeup, largely unedited interview with each of the hopefuls. All have experience in sex films and are auditioning for this one. (Film’s alternate title is more accurate: BLUE MOVIE AUDITIONS.) Jacque is a Shaun Costello type with only one previous movie under his belt. He can’t stand “silly faggots” (watch it, people in glass houses…) and bores us with his anecdote of a six-hour sex marathon he had in NYC while high on drugs.Bachelor #2 is Tony Elliott from Alliance, Ohio, who’s not listed in the credits (he apparently fills the slot for absent and top-billed “Ken Gordon”). The off-screen interviewer goes through his tedious check list of standard questions, elucidating the cryptic info that Tony is currently at work on his first “f*ck film”, not this one but another one (I guess he meant it is still in production).Jacque and Tony do their silent scene, scored to overly familiar library music (a Latin rhythm vamp of piano & percussion I’ve heard in dozens of porn movies). Fulfilling Tony’s request, the staging is stylized by light coming through Venetian blinds, as fellatio, 69, anal sex and ejaculation are mechanically delivered to the fans.Jeffrey Puckett is a West Coast transplant from New York, bearing a well-groomed beard and mustache. He’s a pompous phony, perhaps the most obvious of the cast to be making up his boring spiel. Ted is an effeminate stupido from Frisco, who has great difficulty completing his sentences. The duo’s sex scene is 100% oral.Final couple begins with Peter who is the most loquacious of the bunch and evidently an old hand at porn. He’s teamed with Lee from Trenton, New Jersey -an effeminate type with curly red hair. Latter’s long dick gets a workout in anal sex with Peter for probably the film’s most effective sex content.While the interviews are meant to personalize the performers, the film as a whole is remote and tedious. Director Tom DeSimone eventually became known for his campy approach to B movies (CHATTERBOX and THE CONCRETE JUNGLE in particular), but didn’t try very hard here. The only gay feature of his I saw theatrically way back when was HEAVY EQUIPMENT, a silly 3-D effort, and his other 3-D title (I saw theatrically, too) PRISON GIRLS was disappointing given its quality cast.
Director: Tom DeSimone (as Lancer Brooks)
Stars: Ken Gordon, Peter Raw, Jeff Puckett
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1970 (USA)
Also Known As: Blue Movie Auditions
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