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Innocent Boy 2020
14min | Short, Horror | 29 February 2020 (Ireland)
Storyline:On an unforgiving, dust-swept highway, a group of rag-tag hustlers, led by a loathsome Madam, preys on the desperados who have come for sex, drugs and Momma’s special milk. A young black trans boy in the throws of withdraw, desperate for love and affection, is relentlessly bullied by his brother in trade, but things change when a ruthless Cowboy rides into town. As the boys begin to fall one-by-one, Penny is caught between Cowboy’s murderous rage and the greed and corruption that Momma represents.
Director: Brock Cravy
Writer: Brock Cravy
Stars: Kamy D. Bruder, Michael Vincent Berry, Ian Michaels
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 29 February 2020 (Ireland)
Filming Locations: Goldthwaite, Texas, USA
IMDB Profile tt10143418

Innocent Boy (2020)

Innocent Boy 2020 11


Innocent Boy

Director: Brock Cravy

Writers: Brock Cravy

Stars: Michael Vincent Berry, Ian Michaels, Kamy D. Bruder

Summary: Off a lonely Texas highway, a group of hustlers prey on the desperados who come for sex and drugs. As the boys begin to fall one-by-one, a young trans boys finds himself caught between a cowboys lustful rage, greed, and corruption.

Also known as: Innocent Boy (2020) on DVD

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