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Kammerflimmern 2004
1h 40m | Drama, Romance | 3 February 2005 (Germany)
Storyline:Traumatised paramedic looks for the woman of his dreams.User review:I saw this movie yesterday on television, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. To be honest I did not expect very much of this film, at the very best I expected it to be some kind of pumped-up teenager movie with a max of “hyped” songs in the soundtrack, flashy videoclip imagery and a thin, unimportant storyline. It turned out quite differently! The acting was very good, the soundtrack was good (and not to intrusive), the cinematography was good (although it could’ve been a bit more experimental for this kind of film)and the story was credible. I could not help to compare this film to Martin Scorsese’s “Bringing out the dead”. This film also describes the hard, fast-paced life of two paramedics and their confrontations with pain, suffering and death. To my own surprise I found this film better than “Bringing out the dead” because it was more human, more realistic and more authentic. “BOTD” had this Hollywood-like glitter and glamour to it that made it incredible, over the top and to “cool” to be authentic. While this film is certainly not a masterpiece or some kind of “must-see”, it is a decent, well-made and gripping piece of cinema that is worth the watch in every sense. Don’t break your head finding it, but if you do, don’t hesitate to view it. A pleasant surprise and well-done film!
Director: Hendrik Hölzemann
Writer: Hendrik Hölzemann
Stars: Matthias Schweighöfer, Jessica Schwarz, Jan-Gregor Kremp
Country of origin: Germany
Languages: German, Turkish
Also known as: Off Beat
Filming locations: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
IMDB Profile tt0412888

Kammerflimmern (2004)

Kammerflimmern 2004 with English Subtitles 7



Director: Hendrik Hölzemann

Writers: Hendrik Hölzemann

Stars: Matthias Schweighöfer, Jessica Schwarz, Jan-Gregor Kremp

Summary: Traumatised paramedic looks for the woman of his dreams.

Also known as: Kammerflimmern (2004) on DVD

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