Kill the Day 2000



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Kill the Day 2000
19m | Short, Drama | 7 October 2000 (Hungary)
Storyline:Life through the eyes of an addict.User review:A junkie breaks into a locker and steals a bag, to get money for drugs. Later we see him in prison. He seems like a loner. Guards taunt him and try to make him lose his temper, so that he will be denied parole. When he’s released, he tries to go straight. Interspersed with these scenes are flashbacks of his younger life.Ramsay’s second short film is similar in structure to her first. There are long time lapses between the scenes shown, and we learn nothing about what happens during that time. But it’s a more ambitious piece, and works more as a whole. It tells a small, intimate, powerful story, and the final scene makes a big impression.Another step forward for Ramsay. Definitely worth seeing if you can catch it.
Director: Lynne Ramsay
Writer: Lynne Ramsay
Stars: James Ramsay, Drew Cain, Andrew Barton
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Language: English
IMDB Profile tt0351176

Kill the Day (1996)

Kill the Day 2000 6


Kill the Day

Director: Lynne Ramsay

Writers: Lynne Ramsay

Stars: James Ramsay, Drew Cain, Andrew Barton

Summary: Life through the eyes of an addict.

Also known as: Kill the Day (1996) on DVD

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