Killer 2016

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Killer 2016
20min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 21 January 2016 (USA)


When Dusty masturbates for the first time, something bad happens…

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“Killer” is a 20-minute live action film from 2016 that actually managed a nice deal of awards attention. The writer and director is Matt Kazman and this short film may actually be his most known work so far because of the accolades it received. Anyway, I find it pretty overrated. First of all, Hale Lytle (looks like a tiny Eminem) the lead actor does offer a total of one face expression throughout the entire film. And the story isn’t much better. It deals with the assumption that people die when you masturbate and coincidence wants it that something tragic happens when the protagonist decides to choke his chicken. So yeah, it is a pretty sad film overall I would say. I have no idea why it is categorized as a comedy here on IMDb. I guess many people understood it entirely wrong, especially referring to the school scene that is possibly the most memorable about the entire thing. But it doesn’t mean it’s particularly good. Actually it elevates the sadness even more. So yeah, story-wise this would have been totally enough for a film that runs for 8 to 10 minutes and there are many scenes that add absolutely nothing. The core plot is also underwhelming and the acting is forgettable as well. I don’t recommend this American short movie. Watch something else instead and do not be fooled by awards bodies and the rating here on IMDb.

Director: Matt Kazman
Writer: Matt Kazman
Stars: Hale Lytle, Michael Barbieri, Jack Scott

Grand Jury Prize / Narrative Short – Seattle International Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award / Narrative Short – IFFBoston
Jury Award / Best Narrative Short – Sarasota Film Festival
Jury Award / Best Short Film – Ashland Independent Film Festival
Jury Award / Best Live Action Short Film – Lower East Side Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival, Palm Springs International Shortfest, Atlanta Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Chicago Critics Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Omaha Film Festival, Shorts That Are Not Pants, Shortlist Film Festival

Killer 2016 9
Killer (2016)

20 min|Short, Comedy, Drama|21 Jan 2016

7.5Rating: 7.5 / 10 from 40 users
When Dusty masturbates for the first time, something bad happens…

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