Kotoinen saunani 1964



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Kotoinen saunani 1964
27m | Documentary | 28 September 1964 (Finland)Plot:Money worries and other worries are forgotten on the benches. In addition to cleansing, pain and illness have also been treated in the Finnish sauna, as have births and deaths. The stove is the altar of the holy fire of the Finns.
Director: Osmo Harkimo
Writer: Aarne Tarkas (screenplay)
Stars: Teijo Joutsela, Veikko Kankkonen
Country of origin: Finland
Language: Finnish
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Kotoinen saunani (1964)

Kotoinen saunani 1964 6


Kotoinen saunani

Director: Osmo Harkimo

Writers: Aarne Tarkas

Stars: Teijo Joutsela, Veikko Kankkonen, Martti Karvonen

Summary: History of saunas in Finland.

Also known as: Kotoinen saunani (1964) on DVD

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