La otra familia 2011 with English Subtitles

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La otra familia 2011
1h 40min | Drama | 25 March 2011 (Mexico)


The story of Hendrix, a 7-year-old child that’s been abandoned by his crack-addict mother Nina. Ivana, her best friend rescues him, however, she can’t take care of him because of an ongoing trip to Houston. Jean Paul and Chema, an adult, stable, gay couple, and friends of Ivana, were given the task of taking care of Hendrix while his mother spends some time in rehab. Patrick, Nina’s lover and dealer is being chased by a drug-lord, because of a huge debt. In an attempt to get the money he tries to sell Hendrix to a young couple, who just lost a baby. While Nina tries to escape rehab in search of her son, Hendrix slowly adapts to his new life with Jean Paul and Chema. Patrick’s running out of time and urges Nina to find her misplaced son.

User review:

Mexican cinema is not for the faint at heart. This film in particular is well acted but filled with violence and gratuitous nudity. One of the fathers, the one who is reluctant at first, is especially convincing and the child is very endearing, but this isn’t enough to warrant an evening of watching people making wrong decisions and paying a high price. But if you are really intent on watching it, I suggest playing only the scenes where the young boy is getting acquainted with his new family, which involve the two fathers, the Gardener and the maid. Those are are really lovely. The dancing towards the end to a song by Mexican singer Daniela Romo is a riot. Love her! Unfortunately that’s not enough. The disc will end up on my mango tree, so as to repel bats at night.

Director: Gustavo Loza
Writer: Gustavo Loza
Stars: Jorge Salinas, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Ana Serradilla
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 25 March 2011 (Mexico)
Also Known As: Familienträume

La otra familia 2011 with English Subtitles 11
The Other Family (2011)

100 min|Drama|25 Mar 2011

7.4Rating: 7.4 / 10 from 725 users
The story of Hendrix, a 7-year-old child that's been abandoned by his crack-addict mother Nina. Ivana, her best friend rescues him, however, she can't take care of him because of an ongoing…

2 reviews for La otra familia 2011 with English Subtitles

  1. Ronald Gaskin (verified owner)

    Nice film

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    La otra familia is about a 7 year-old boy who’s Mom is a crack addict who leaves the boy at home alone for days while she goes on binges with her addict dealer. A concerned friend finds him home alone where he was left for 3 days and takes the boy and gives him to a friend to take care of him. Her friend happens to be gay and living with his husband. They get attached to the boy and the boy with them as a family. But people automatically misunderstand and suspect the gay couple as pedophiles. Then the crack addict Mom goes looking for her son. They have no choice but to leave him with his Mother. The boy is torn between his new family and his sick Mom who he loves. He only wants them all to live together as one big happy family. The Mom takes her son home and starts using again. Soon the crack addict dealer kidnaps the boy to sell him so he can pay off his own dealer. That’s as far as I will go so as not to give away the story. The relationship with the gay couple and the boy and the love they share is endearing. But make no mistake. This is a serious themed adult movie with drug use, nudity, and violence. How does the movie turn out? Happy, sad, violent, tragic? Watch it and see. But be forewarned, this is not for the faint of heart. I enjoyed this movie and give it 3 stars.

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