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Lars Ole, 5c 1973
1h 24min | Drama | 12 August 1974 (Denmark)


It’s nice to be a kid with school, play and friends. But just below the surface is astonishing cruelty, craftiness and seriousness that can make the life hell for a 12-year-old boy in the 5th grade.

User review:

This film was the debut of Nils Malmros followed by two more films centered round his own childhood in xc3x85rhus in the Fifties. Malmros stands out as the film director drawing upon autobiographical motives. When he is not doing so, his films are less interesting. This attitude could be extremely egocentric, and many artists are like that to some degree. In his latest film he admits, that this character trait cost him the life of his own child. After his childhood trilogy he continued to dig into his youth and found dramatic stuff there, he could draw upon like some kind of Ingmar Bergman. The masterpiece ‘Kundskabens trxc3xa6’ is made over a long period at the age where you can clearly see the children mature physically during the process of shooting making that production one of its kind. Another film is about his own father. His presentation always stand out and few other directors have made a profile tuned to autobiographical subject matter all through their career, but Malmros has succeeded in doing so.

Director: Nils Malmros (as Nils Sigurd Malmros)
Writer: Nils Malmros (as Nils Sigurd Malmros)
Stars: Sxc3xb8ren Rasmussen, Knud Randa Frank Nielsen, Lars Randrup Mikkelsen
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Release Date: 12 August 1974 (Denmark)
Also Known As: Lars Ole, Klasse 5c
Filming Locations: Finsensgades Skole, xc3x85rhus, Jylland, Denmark

Lars Ole, 5c 1973 with English Subtitles 11
Lars Ole, 5c (1973)

84 min|Drama|12 Aug 1974
6.2Rating: 6.2 / 10 from 145 users


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