Marhulový lekvár 1988



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Marhulový lekvár 1988
55min | Drama | TV Movie 1988


Television adaptation of F. Karinthy’s story about how important it is to have a sense of home. The apricot jeweler symbolizes the home, family well-being, which the little boy Ferko, living with his parents in a Hungarian town of the 30’s of the 20th century, desperately hopes for. A mother with an unfulfilled desire to become a famous pianist and a father with an even more distant dream to be a world-famous and wealthy writer to a son have no time or even a loving word. His loving companion is only Manci, who, however, leaves for misunderstanding with his lords. Ferko remains alone, disappointed and reluctant to accept the friendship of a new maid of Raza. But he also has his great dream, and Rosa will help him meet him.

Director: Zoro Laurinc
Writers: Irena Dobrovolná, Ferenc Karinthy
Stars: Peter Barták, Juraj Durdiak, Ivan Gogál
Country: Czechoslovakia
Release Date: 1988 (Czechoslovakia)

Marhulový lekvár 1988 9
Marhulový lekvár (1988)

55 min|N/A|N/A



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