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Metal Lords 2022
1h 37m | Comedy, Drama, Music | 8 April 2022 (USA)
Storyline:Two kids want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about heavy metal. They try to find a bass player, and fail but they do find a girl who is very good at cello. If the three of them can’t settle their differences and work together, they’re never going to win the Battle of the Bands.Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for language throughout, sexual references, nudity, and drug/alcohol use – all involving teensUser review:In all honesty this movie starts as a rambling, awkward mess which slowly becomes punctuated by moments of touching brilliance coming out of seemingly nowhere.Shy teenager Kevin traipses through high school all the while being dragged along by his best friend Hunter, whose dreams of becoming a metal god threaten to tear down the very two man band he’s built. Together they traverse friendship, love, and most of all what it means to keep everything “Metal”.While I was struggling to keep myself engaged in this seemingly flop of a movie, a poignant and well executed turn in the story made me sit up straight in my seat. From there on I was treated to what became an increasingly riveting story with characters that extended beyond the superficial.I was particularly touched with a surprisingly complex character suffering from mental illness, treated with finesse and a level of understanding that I can only surmise comes from real world experience.Overall this movie was not your typical coming of age teen rom com, and you can expect a somewhat sophisticated peek into the lives of teenagers finding their own, messy ways into adulthood and what it ultimately means to find acceptance in yourself and others.
Director: Peter Sollett
Writer: D.B. Weiss (screenplay)
Stars: Joe ManganielloJ, aeden Martell, Brett Gelman
Country of origin: United States
Language: English
Filming locations: Portland, Oregon, USA
IMDB Profile tt12141112

Metal Lords (2022)

Metal Lords 2022 7


Metal Lords

Director: Peter Sollett

Writers: D.B. Weiss

Stars: Jaeden Martell, Adrian Greensmith, Isis Hainsworth

Summary: Two friends try to form a heavy metal band with a cellist for a Battle of the Bands.

Also known as: Metal Lords (2022) on DVD

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