Mig Og Charley 1978

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Mig Og Charley 1978
1h 38min | Drama | 19 March 1978 (Denmark)


Youth film about friendship between two boys from very different backgrounds. Steffen finish school and do not really know what he wants. He lives at home with his mother, who is a journalist. He comes with Majbritt, the daughter of one of the rich men in Silkeborg, where the story takes place. Charly is a Copenhagen mess already know life’s dark sides and is placed in a youth home outside the city. They meet when Charly is by cutting Steffens moped. As the story concludes, the Charly again got mixed up in something and have to run away, and now gives Steffen him the moped. They have become friends, and the friendship has also been shown to outweigh Steffens compared to Majbritt and the upper class, she represents.

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A lost Danish film, extremely outstanding. Two adolescents become fast and unlikely friends, one a “normal town boy” the other a motorbike ruffian. Similar themes to the later Paul Verhoven’s “Spetters”. Wide-eyed teenagers in the changing Europe, as puberty changes them. If you can find a print, it’s really worth seeing.

Directors: Morten Arnfred, Henning Kristiansen
Writers: Henning Kristiansen, Morten Arnfred
Stars: Kim Jensen, Allan Olsen, Helle Nielsen

Mig Og Charley 1978 11
Me and Charly (1978)

98 min|Drama|19 Mar 1978

6.3Rating: 6.3 / 10 from 371 users
Steffen is picnicking with his girlfriend, daughter of a rich businessman, when he meets Charly – trying to steal Steffen's moped. Later they end up as BFFs despite the differences.

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