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Mother 2020
2h 6min | Thriller | 3 July 2020 (Japan)
Storyline:Her name is Akiko and she is a fun-loving single mother to a young schoolboy. He needs her. She needs men. Specifically, she needs sex and attention from men and almost any man would do so sometimes the boy Shuhei does not receive the attention he craves. Men come and go, pleasure is given and received and it is all good until one day there is a large blood stain on Shuhei’s clothes. He has murdered his grandparents.User review:Filmed in shades of gray, this is the ugly side of Japan (at first I couldn’t tell where this was filmed or what language was being spoken.)Mom, a n’er do well has ostrichized her family and neglects her son and later her daughter.She lives hand to mouth in tiny, cluttered crappy apartments with no gas to boil water to cook the noodles, and man to man with no one in Japanese society taking much notice. Surprisingly, the grandparents never try to take custody of their grandson.When someone does finally intervene, mom wants no part. Like most neglectful parents, her children are seen as possessions. And the children become the responsible parent and protective of same.Mom holds the son close and hostage. Refusing to allow him an education,constantly telling him he’ll be bullied. Although, we do see one scene of him in a classroom when he’s nearly grown and another testing a book to his sister.One boyfriend who dumped her when she became pregnant finds her again and reinserts himself into this sad little family.There’s lots of domestic violence and screaming, while little and later teenaged Shuhei looks on, mute, doing whatever he’s told.This is a dreary tale. The sun never shines. It’s never warm. The living spaces tiny and cramped and depressing With people incapable or unwilling to change their own lives.So leading to a tragically inevitable end.
Director: Tatsushi Ohmori
Writers: Takehiko Minato, Tatsushi Ohmori
Stars: Masami Nagasawa, Sadao Abe, Halo Asada
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 3 July 2020 (Japan)
Also Known As: Mother
IMDB Profile tt11656548

Mother (2020)

Mother 2020 with English Subtitles 17



Director: Tatsushi Ômori

Writers: Takehiko Minato, Tatsushi Ômori

Stars: Masami Nagasawa, Sadao Abe, Halo Asada

Summary: Akiko (Masami Nagasawa) is a single mother and her son is Shuhei (Sho Gunji). Akiko casually has sex with other men, including Ryo (Sadao Abe). Akiko is the only person whom Shuhei can rely on. One day, Shuhei makes a shocking decision.

Also known as: Mother: Mazâ on DVD

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