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My Brother, My Sister 2021
Mio fratello mia sorella (original title)
1h 50min | Drama | 8 October 2021 (USA)
Storyline:On the death of their father, Tesla and her brother Nik find themselves, due to a singular succession agreement, having to live together for a year under the same roof, even though they have not seen each other for more than twenty years. Tesla’s children also live in the house: Sebastiano, a very talented cellist, suffering from highly functioning schizophrenia, to whom the woman has dedicated her life and an obsessive and suffocating protection, and Carolina with whom she has a difficult and conflicting relationship. The difficult coexistence will trigger clashes and continuous quarrels between Nik and Tesla, two siblings at the antipodes, and the unexpected birth of a strong bond between Nik and his nephew Sebastiano. Over time everyone will gradually find a balance, until a series of events lead the characters to have to deal with their fears and secrets, in a difficult journey towards forgiveness and acceptance of themselves and their emotional and family ties.
Director: Roberto Capucci
Writer: Roberto Capucci
Stars: Francesco Cavallo, Stella Egitto, Frank Gerrish
Country of origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Filming locations: Roma, Lazio, Italy
IMDB Profile tt13003996

My Brother, My Sister (2021)

My Brother, My Sister 2021 with English Subtitles 7


My Brother, My Sister

Director: Roberto Capucci

Writers: Roberto Capucci

Stars: Alessandro Preziosi, Claudia Pandolfi, Stella Egitto

Summary: When their father's will forces them to live together, siblings Nik and Tesla and Tesla's kids try to overcome their differences to become a family.

Also known as: Mio fratello mia sorella on DVD

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