No soy él 2017



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No soy él 2017
11min | Short, Drama | 22 June 2017 (Spain)
Storyline:Clara is a girl who can not show herself the way she is. There is something with her that forces her to live under a name and appearance that aren’t real. ‘No soy él’ is the first trans short film in Galiza’s history.User review:10-year-old Daniel is not comfortable with the gender assigned to him at birth. For this reason, he refuses to continue pretending something that he is not and begins to try to escape from the roles that were imposed on him socially from birth and with which he does not feel comfortable. Increasingly, he demands to be called by Clara’s name and imagines what his life would be like if everyone could see her for what she is.One day, she reads in class a poem written by her that shows her intention to show her authentic self to the world. The misunderstanding of your peers and the violent reaction of some of them will make you make the most important decision of your life once and for all.I am not him is a short film that was born as a creation for the International Showing Film Awards 2017 Contest. It is an initiative of several members of the team, who were already selected as finalists of this festival in its previous edition.Faced with this year’s theme, resilience, the team’s first idea is to address bullying, but after coming across a couple of articles about the first public case of a transgender minor in Galicia, we decided to embrace and support this issue to make known something quite shunned in the field of cinema.What we want to do with this short is to capture the emotions of a transgender minor in a normal day, especially when having to face the school environment. But, older, we want to capture the moment in which you decide to take the step to, finally, end with an identity that has never really existed and begin to be able to live as it has always been.On the other hand, despite being before a short LGTBI focused on the issue of transgenderism, we also find in it universal themes such as the acceptance of the individual, the fight against the imposition of roles that do not correspond to us, as well as school bullying.All the members of the team really want to work on this project because of its emotional charge, which we hope will help people in this situation to feel more supported, as well as society to accept it, normalize it and finally stop seeing it as a taboo.
Director: Xoán Bregua
Writer: Adolfo F. Piñeiro
Stars: Sergio Barbeito, Sasha Cocola, Simón da Torre
Country of origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Filming locations: Avenida Rutis, 15670 Culleredo, A Coruña, Spain
IMDB Profile tt7403702

No soy él (2017)

No soy él 2017 7


No soy él

Director: Xoán Bregua

Writers: Adolfo F. Piñeiro

Stars: Sasha Cocola, Estíbaliz Veiga, Sergio Barbeito

Summary: Clara is a girl who can not show herself the way she is. There is something with her that forces her to live under a name and appearance that aren't real. 'No soy él' is the first trans short film in Galiza's history.

Also known as: No soy él (2017) on DVD

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