O ztracené lásce (2002) ep02



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O ztracené lásce (2002) ep02
50min | Family | Mar 4 2002 (Czechia)
Storyline:The nine-part television series About Lost Love was filmed based on the book of the same name and screenplay by Eva Hudečková. The realm of King Skrček of Fištrón will be cursed, one misfortune will be followed by another, human hearts will be filled with ruthlessness and cruelty, and the royal son Orthodox will be lost. All this caused the king’s reckless decision to expel love from the land as an unnecessary and insignificant thing. The rural girl Honza brings hope for the future. Although the judges gave her many blessed qualities, she will not save her from fatal wounds and pain. She has to go through many difficult trials, she is prosecuted by evil rather than good, she becomes the target of resentment and malice. But John refuses to submit to evil and hatred, looking for love in his heart as the only possible way to other people. He tries to save the fate of the beloved Prince Orthodox and the whole country, he often finds himself in danger of death, when sacrificing for others. Her painful journey is accompanied by fairy-tale creatures, often as unpredictable as the people he meets on the pilgrimage of life. The happy ending fixes everything, but it is costly redeemed and the path to it leads to hell.Stars: Danica Jurcová, Jitka Jezková, Zlata Adamovská
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Also known as: Love Lost
IMDB Profile tt0407428

O ztracené lásce (2002)

O ztracené lásce (2002) ep02 7


O ztracené lásce



Stars: Danica Jurcová, Jitka Jezková, Zlata Adamovská


Also known as: O ztracené lásce (2002) on DVD

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