Oh, Mando (2020) S01E05



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Oh, Mando (2020) S01E05
Comedy, Romance | Episode aired 3 December 2020
Storyline:Charming but timid college student Mando is your typical hopeless romantic. He meets Barry, an out-and-proud basketball star who is practically a prince from a fairytale. The only thing spoiling Mando’s happy ending is the fact that Barry already has a boyfriend. To move on, Mando goes out with liberated architecture student Krisha and the two become lovers. One fateful day, Barry walks back into Mando’s life. Now, he needs to choose – will it be mind over heart or heart over mind?Stars: Kokoy De Santos, Barbie Imperial, Alex Diaz
Release Date: 3 December 2020 (Philippines)
IMDB Profile tt13476938

Episode #1.5 (2020)

Oh, Mando (2020) S01E05 13


Episode #1.5

Director: Eduardo W. Roy Jr.

Writers: Eduardo W. Roy Jr., Paolo Valconcha

Stars: Kokoy De Santos, Alex Diaz, Barbie Imperial

Summary: Krisha joins the rest of the theater group in staging an LGBTQIA+ rally for their theater adviser, Mr. Siwa. Amidst the chaos of preparations, Vince and Leslie uncover Barry and Mando's secret.

Also known as: Episode #1.5 (2020) on DVD

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