(Old and Rare) 5 Shorts Collection on DVD

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(Old and Rare) 5 Shorts Collection on DVD

1. Ya syuda bolshe nikogda ne vernus / Lyuba.
The tragic short story of Rolan Bykov, shot by order of UNESCO, is included in the international film almanac “Haw are the kids”. An alcoholic mother beats up and kicks six-year-old Lyuba out of the house. The child runs off into a nook in the forest where she hides her toys. She plays with them, copying her life full of nightmares, beatings and swearing at her mother. She simply does not know anything else. Then she goes home, but, remembering what her is waiting there, she shouts: “I will never come back here again!”…
USSR, 1990.
Language: Russian
2. Pioniri maleni
Documentary short film by one of the founders of the Yugoslav black wave and is dedicated to street children.
Director: Zelimir Zilnik.
Yugoslavia, 1967
3. Eight
One day in the life of an eight-year-old football fan who is experiencing stress due to the loss of his father and moving to a new place of residence.
Director: Stephen Daldry.
UK, 1998
4. Días sin luz / Days Without Light
Another narcotic delirium by Jaime Balagueró on the topic “Why do mothers abandon their children?”
Director: Jaume Balagueró.
Spain, 1995
5. Something very ancient called “Surprise“, let it remain so a surprise.
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