Pandasyndromet 2004



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Pandasyndromet 2004
24min | Comedy, Short


The tragicomic tale of Bjørn, 17, who suffers from a contracted foreskin. First, his dad indiscreetly enlightens poor Bjørn about the ailment, which runs in the family. Then, we follow Bjørn through medical examinations, a surgical procedure and healing. Bjørn has always been insecure around girls and paralysed by performance anxiety. He now hopes the procedure will change all that – especially because he is fascinated by his big sister’s beautiful best friend, a curious witness to his travails who has been continuously updated about every intimate detail by his blabbermouth sister. Ultimately, it is up to Bjørn to realise that conquering pretty women takes more than just working equipment.

Director: Rune Schjøtt
Writer: Rune Schjøtt
Stars: Alexander Vedel Ottensten, Nicolas Bro, Jakob Cedergren
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Also Known As: Dreng dreng

Pandasyndromet 2004 9
Pandasyndromet (2004)

N/A|Comedy, Short|N/A

6.9Rating: 6.9 / 10 from 25 users
A young boy, Bjørn, discovers on his 17th birthday that his problems with the girls might not be self-inflicted.


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