Quest 1984



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Quest 1984
30min | Short, Sci-Fi | April 1984 (USA)
Storyline:On a distant planet, descendants of a crashed spaceship are subjected to mysterious forces that cause them to age and die in just eight days. They must also live in caves to escape the bitter cold of night and the killing heat of day. One young boy is determined to find his way back to the ship that brought them there. But how will accomplish this in the short time left to him?User review:Quest is imaginative and surreal. The fantastic premise of the film is laid out efficiently, effectively, and stylishly. This is an outlandishly fantastic film thoughtfully made with consistent atmosphere of awe such that few fantastic feature films can boast. This is a must-see movie for lovers of the beautiful unreal.Directors: Elaine Bass, Saul Bass
Writer: Ray Bradbury (story “Frost and Fire”)
Stars: John Abbott, Noah Hathaway, David Comfort
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: April 1984 (USA)
Also Known As: Quest
IMDB Profile tt0086162

Quest (1984)

Quest 1984 1



Director: Elaine Bass, Saul Bass

Writers: Ray Bradbury

Stars: John Abbott, Noah Hathaway, David Comfort

Summary: A child has only an 8 day life-span to complete a mysterious journey from the dim cave-dwelling society where he is born to a final gateway, the object of folklore. The abstract learning-games taught to the child bear an eerie resemblance to mammoth tasks and obstacles that hinder him in his journey. Can he complete the quest before his 8 days are up, and what lies at... Read all

Also known as: Quest (1984) on DVD

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