Reflections Of Youth 1975

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Reflections Of Youth 1975
1h 2min | Adult | July 1975 (USA)
Storyline:With a partial 1950’s soundtrack, the excitement of young lust and the innocence of growing up, this seems to be a test run for Ross’ “Crusin’ 57”. The film opens with a view of a high school baseball game as we then follow a young blonde haired student approaching the new kid on campus. The two strike up a conversation as the blonde begins to talk about some of the local gossip around town. The film then goes into five different vignettes as they are introduced by the two talking students. The first is about another students gay sex affair, the second is about how the blonde watches the gym teacher masturbate, the third goes into explicit detail about the sex lives of a gay couple that live on Clayton Street, following with the fourth, which is about how one of the Clayton Street lovers seduces his straight friend while his partner is away. The blonde then concludes with the story of two Junior high students sexually experimenting with each other. The film closes with a sex scene between the blonde and the new student as they start in the school showers and then make their way to the locker room. After they get dressed, they walk away together as another school day is finished.User review:The DVD of this movie I purchased from Bijou Video, and the date of production indicates “July 1, 1980”. This date didn’t make sense to me, as it seemed like an earlier movie given the hairstyles, dress, crude photography, etc. Sure enough, I’ve learned from this site that it was actually filmed in 1975 – which totally makes sense… In 1975 I was one of these high school boys (in the movie, their “Arroyo High School” tee shirts are featured prominently). The messy longish hair, the gym shorts worn over sweat pants (a mid-70’s fad, seen in this movie in an early pan shot of the baseball field), etc. all confirm the period in which this film was made.The boys are cute – and, ahem… young. I’m not saying they are underage, but let’s just say each of them must have been celebrating his 18th birthday the day of the filing. They have pimples, bushy hair, and beautiful young bodies that fit together naturally. The grainy quality of the film, unsteady camera, and cheesy music actually all combine to give the movie a certain sweetness that grows on you. It’s almost like a vague and shaky memory of my own youth, loss of innocence, and early sexual explorations…As the synopsis above describes, the final scene is of supposedly Junior High boys exploring each other on a bed in front of a mirror. The one blonde boy (whose smiling face is also featured on the DVD case’s cover), is adorable and is my favorite boy of the whole movie. His face betrays a seriousness and look of concentration that’s not acting – He’s experiencing all of these intensely erotic sensations for the first time, I believe, which is quite sweet to behold.Enjoy “Reflections of Youth” for a retro venture back to the middle 70’s when many of us were but horny young boys ourselves.
Director: Toby Ross
Stars: Davey Williams, Ron Perry, Lee Craig
Country of origin: United States
Language: English
Also known as: Toby Ross’ Reflections of Youth
IMDB Profile tt0256321


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