Road to Life 1931



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Road to Life 1931
Putyovka v zhizn (original title)
Passed | 1h 45min | Drama | 1 June 1931 (Soviet Union)


Young hobos are brought to a new camp to become good Soviet citizens. This camp works without any guards, and it works well. But crooks kill one of the young people when they try to damage the newly build railroad to that camp.

User review:

i have to say very little cause all you need to do is read his book “pedagoziki” cause its amazingness will drag you away from all that hollywood @#$%, i have never been to russia, or know many russian directors, but i have seen russian movies, and they were all better that the hollywood crap we’re watching today

Director: Nikolai Ekk
Writers: Nikolai Ekk, Anton Makarenko (book)
Stars: Nikolay Batalov, Yvan Kyrlya, Mikhail Dzhagofarov
Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian | Mari
Release Date: 1 June 1931 (Soviet Union)
Also Known As: Road to Life


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