Ruines 2019



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Ruines 2019
14min | Short, Drama | 20 May 2019 (France)
Storyline:Ruins is above all a one-time representation in the relationship of two lost boys, fleeing and frightened beings. In a wild and abandoned setting that the night covers, the transmission of a piece of jewellery becomes the symbol of the gift and sacrifice that concludes the mutation of the two beings and signs their mutual abandonment. Through a progressive evolution of cinematographic elements, we will try to immerse the spectator in a dark, sensual, symbolic and poetic universe.
Director: Benoît Duvette
Writer: Benoît Duvette
Stars: Paul Lecomte, Simon Royer
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: Ruins
IMDB Profile tt11152186

Ruins (2019)

Ruines 2019 7



Director: Benoît Duvette

Writers: Benoît Duvette

Stars: Paul Lecomte, Simon Royer

Summary: Two boys run away in order to try to face their feelings. In the hollow of the night, alone, their pains and their fears catch up with them.

Also known as: Ruines on DVD

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