Sex in the Russian Way 1998

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Sex in the Russian Way 1998
1h 28min | Adult | Video 1998


Russian latitude and recklessness, incendiary rustic humor and, finally, a lot of beautiful Russian girls – all this will leave a lasting impression and a sense of presence on Russian holidays.

User review:

If I had to evaluate the overall movie, there are two reasons to watch or not to watch it. Why to watch and who is a potential spectator? A good reason to watch is the plot itself. The director had a superb idea: he decided to show not just a pure sex movie, but to put it in a certain frame. The movie consists of five or six stories, and each of them is based on some ancient Russian fairy tale (or at least the roles are taken from some fairy tale). That makes the beginning of each story really interesting and funny. So, a person has a motivation to watch the movie if he or she wants to have fun, just like watching any other comedy. Now, let’s think about the negative sides of the movie. And there are lots of them. First of all, probably, a person who is going to watch a movie that is intended for adult spectators, is willing to see erotics, passion, porno, and all the other things that makes him mentally involved and sexually arouse. However, in “The Sex in the Russian Way”, when the funny introduction is over and the intimate part takes place, only pure porno is left. No erotic, no passion. Only action. As for me, I can equally watch how animals mate and how actors in this movie make sex:) To sum up, 5/10 (5 points for a good plot)

Director: Armen Oganezov
Writer: Armen Oganezov
Stars: Julia Artemieva, Marina Kuznetzova, Alena Michailova
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Release Date: 1998 (Russia)
Also Known As: Секс по-русски

Sex in the Russian Way 1998 9
Sex in the Russian Way (1998)

88 min|Adult|N/A

7.4Rating: 7.4 / 10 from 16 users

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  2. FRANS P. (verified owner)

    Vintage straight porn in a Russian folk scenery with charming actors. Well done.

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