Soft Like Me 1996

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Soft Like Me 1996
26min | Short | 18 March 1998 (USA)


On a secluded prairie farm, adolescent boys labor in wheat fields for a sexually predatory warden and his farmhands, who threaten to feed them to a voracious beast if they ever disobey. The newly arrived Linus instantly catches the warden’s eye, and begins to receive secret visitations from a mysterious girl. The other boys tell Linus the legend of a special boy who fled the farm and became a glorious angel that will one day return to free them all. When Linus asks the girl if she is the angel, her answer is enigmatic. After the warden’s favorite boy dies, Linus is poised to become the next victim. The girl reappears and promises to help him escape, but with hope comes punishment.

User review:

Any point, idea, message, or metaphor is lost on me. Perhaps Jeff Erbach wanted to create a piece about the wickedness of pederasty and child labor….as if anyone needed convincing that it’s bad. The film does not sympathize with pederasts or condone child labor, but the guy put a bunch of child actors shirtless in harnesses and bridles and filmed them laboring in a wheat field, and on another occasion one being forced to wear a dress while a pederast prowls around him and threatens him. Whatever the film is trying to accomplish, it fails miserably. Besides the questions the “plot” leaves open and unanswered, my biggest question is…where were these kids’ parents?!

Director: Jeff Erbach
Stars: Marc Ducusin, Alison Northcott, Rob Fast
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 18 March 1998 (USA)
Filming Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2 reviews for Soft Like Me 1996

  1. robert (verified owner)

    i saw this movie when it came out. but i think that there’s a part missing.

  2. Bryan L. (verified owner)

    Very unusual but rather enjoyable film

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