Sommerjubel 1985

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Sommerjubel 1985
43min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 1 October 1986 (Norway)


It is the last day of school before summer vacation. The teacher can be heard telling the students about a traveler going to America. As the bell rings we see dozens of children running from the school. The camera then focuses on a group of preteen children talking amongst themselves. The scene changes and we see Trond(Øystein Offer-Olsen) and Oystein(Hans Jacob Melbye) running down a hillside and through the woods to a small lake. They talk about going swimming in the lake and one of them mentions that they do not have their

swimming trunks with them. they decide to just go swimming without anything on. As one of the boys is preparing to take off his bottoms, he is startled by a cow and pulls them back up. The other boy attempts to cover his genitalia with his hands. After realizing that no one is around they jump into the lake without anything on. After swimming around in the water the boys get out and sit down on a nearby log, still without any clothes on. As they are sitting on the log drying off they talk about kissing and whether or not they have kissed anyone before. One boy jokingly says that the other practices on his mother. They are seen practicing kissing by kissing themselves on the arm. As they are doing this, they imagine that they are kissing Kari(Siri Hoff) and Ase(Camilla Sletten). The scene changes and Arne(Joakim Kock) is seen holding a stopwatch while his father(Thomas Bay) tries to start his car. After getting it started he drives off. The scene changes back to the lake and the boys are now kicking around a pair of underwear. They are still in the nude and numerous times we see their bare butts and genitalia. One of them says that he has to go pee so the two boys decide to have a peeing contest. Afterwards Kari and Ase spot them naked and tell them that they are childish. They continue to watch the two boys naked as they run back into the water in shock. The two girls say that they are going to tell everyone that they swam naked together. They then come out of the woods and spot the boys clothing on the ground. They take all of the clothing and toss it into a nearby tree. Afterwards they head back into the woods giggling and telling the boys to come and get it.. The boys decide to walk backwards to try and get to their clothes, all while trying to use their hands to cover their butts. They then realize that there is no way for them to get their clothes out of the tree without the girls seeing them. the girls continue to watch the boys as they try to get their clothes out of the tree. They are sitting there giggling the whole time. The scene changes and the father is now in his car driving down the street. As he is heading into town he spots the Miss Ida(Siri Spillum) coming out of the store. She is standing there eating a popsicle and each time we see it the camera is very close up implying that it is sexual in thought. The father, after realizing he has been spotted, speeds off down the road. As young boy is then seen holding a stopwatch timing himself while he holds his breath. The older brother then walks into the house and sits down at the dining room table. The father, after finding out that his sons hair is wet, assumes that the boy has been swimming. The boy lies to his father telling that they were looking for herring. He then tells him he got hot so he dipped his head into the stream. The younger brother knows he is lying but shuts up when his older brother holds up his fist.the scene changes to the lumberyard and the father is seen on the floor picking up lumber scraps. The boys teacher then comes into the yard and tells him that she needs lumber to make a bookshelf. During the same scene the father has a daydream about her before going and cutting the wood for her. She gives him the measurements and he proceeds to cut the lumber for her. It is obvious throughout the scene that the boys father has a crush on the teacher but nothing happens. After cutting the lumber he brings it back to her and tells her to come back if she needs anything. The scene cuts back to the boys house and they are seen playing with an rc car. There are cups with 1/4 with punch and some get knocked over by the rc car. The younger brother is seen timing him with a stopwatch. The father come home and sees the juice all over the floor. He proceeds to clean up the spilled juice but does not get mad at the children. He then tosses a rag to his son who them mops up the rest of the juice off the floor. The father is then seen fantasizing about the boys teacher again as he is preparing dinner. The scene changes and the two boys are seen running down the same hillside going down to the lake. As there are doing so, they run into Kari and Ase. They girls then ask the boys if they want to have a peeing contest and the boys tell them that they are handicapped. An obvious reference to the fact that they dont have a penis. The boys turn down the offer. The girls then offer a truce to the boys, an offer in which the agree to. The scene changes and they are now down by the lake. One of the boys wraps a towel around his waist and looks over and spots Ase without anything on. He quickly ducks when he notices she is looking in his direction. She too proceeds to put her suit back on when she realizes they can be seen. The boy then proceeds to take his bottoms off and in an effort to retrieve them without being seen by the girls accidentally loses his balance and falls over the edge of the cliff. The girls run over to see if he is okay. Ase now has her bikini back on. Ase then lifts up her top and says lets swim naked but Kari declines saying that it isnt right. Ase then removes her top completely and her nipples are revealed. She then proceeds to remove her bottoms as well but nothing is seen on camera. Kari is then seen from behind while she is untying her top but nothing is seen. The scene then changes and all four of them are now swimming in the water. Throughout the scene the children can be heard giggling while swimming in the water. Their genitals are briefly seen under the water but are obscured by the murky water in which they are swimming. A young boy and girl are then seen very closely together holding onto each other despite the fact that they are naked. Bare butts can be briefly seen but are again obscured by the murky water. As the scene progresses the young children are seen from the waist up as they are holding each others hands and singing a song. The scene changes and there are bow fully dressed again and are sitting on a hill overlooking the water. They all agree not to tell anyone that they swam without their clothes on. They daydream a bit about what it might be like when they are older. They are then seen running around chasing each other around the hillside. As they are doing so Kari stops suddenly and one of the boys runs into her knocking her down to the ground. When she gets back up there is a small scratch on her cheek and blood can be seen but it is nothing severe. She then gets mad at the boy and runs off. The scene changes to the bedroom and a boy is seen blowing up balloons. He then ties it off and sticks it to the ceiling. The father then walks in and tells the younger one to go brush his teeth. He then asks the older one about his teacher and whether or not she is single. The scene changes and we now see a group of boys standing in a circle. They are interrupted when Ase come over. After realizing that Kari is not there, one of the boys asks where she is. Ase then tells him that Kari is inside regretting her sins. Ase then joins in on the game that the boys are playing and is then seen kicking a can into the air. One of the boys goes to retrieve the can and as he does so, Ase and her boy friend are then seen heading into the woods. After heading deeper into the woods Ase asks what are we going to do? the boy suggests that they can get naked again only is she does it as well. She denies it stating that she has already seen him naked before. He then suggests that they can kiss while they are naked. An offer in which Ase agrees to as long as it stays a secret between them. Since the ground is wet they do not remove everyt
hing, just their bottoms but nothing is seen on camera. They then proceed to kiss each other and afterwards they pull they bottoms back up. The scene changes and a pregnant woman is seen walking down the road. The two brothers are then seen spying on their father from outside an open window. Karis dad is inside talking to their father and he is angry that Kari went swimming naked with his some. The scene cuts to the laundry room and the father is seen drying his clothes. His son then walks in claiming that he did not hit Kari and also that the park about him swimming naked with Kari is false and that Ase made it up. The father knows that his son is lying and then asks him if it was fun. He then starts that they have to wear their bathing trunks the next time. The scene changes to the bedroom and after his son asks him what sexually mature means, he proceeds to tell him that it means you can have children. His son now thinks that this is the reason why they cant be naked around each other anymore. He then tells his son that there is more and you cant get pregnant just by being naked. The scene changes and the father is seen driving in his car again. As he goes into town he spots the teacher going into a store and waves at her but she ignores him. Later on he finds a note on his car from the teacher telling him that she finished the bookshelf and that he should come over to check it out. He goes over to the house but rings the wrong doorbell by accident and an older man walks out and directs him to use a different entrance to see her. The scene changes and the two brothers are playing in a mud puddle. Kari shows up and sees them playing in the mud puddle. She tells the older boy that he is childish and that she is no longer allowed to see him anymore. They boy tells her not to listen to her father. She then tells him that it was her mother who told her that, not her father. They boy then gets mad at her and shoves her to the ground. He then asks her to be his girlfriend. She says nothing and just runs off. His younger brother then calls her a bitch as she is walking away. The older brother gets angry at him and goes to push him down but slips in the mud. His younger brother slips as well and they both just laugh it off. The scene changes back to the teachers home and the father is seen with a towel in his hair. The teacher then proceeds to ask him what he thinks of her bookshelf. He then notices a bunch of nude art on her wall. The two continue to talk and he invites her to go fishing with him and his sons. He then has another fantasy about her but in this one they actually kiss but nothing is seen on camera. The scene changes and the two sons are seen sitting by the dryer with a stopwatch. The father comes home and sees them and assumes that they have washed their own clothes. It wasnt clothes that were in the dryer, but potatoes. He then tells his son that he invited his teacher to go fishing with them. his son then gets mad at him for inviting her. The scene changes and they are all fishing on the edge of the lake. After catching a few fish his father tells him to go get his brother while he and his teacher go home and grill the fish. As the boy is walking down the road he spots Kari leaning up against a tree. He walks over to her and asks for some of the candy that she is eating. She denies to give him any. He then tells her that they have company and that shes never going to believe who it is. She says it was just a red head. He tells her it was their teacher but she doesnt believe it. They make a bet on it and are then seen heading over to his house. They are then seen spying on his father from outside an open window. After realizing that he was telling the truth she offers him some of the candy she was eating. Afterwards he again asks her to be his girlfriend. She agrees and they share a kiss between each other. They are then spotted by his younger brother and then again by his own father and teacher. His father and teacher share a kiss between each other while the younger brother and his friend watch the whole thing. (END OF MOVIE)

Director: Alexander Røsler
Writers: Rune Belsvik (novel), Alexander Røsler (screenplay)
Stars: Joakim Kock, Lasse Edvardsen, Camilla Sletten

Sommerjubel 1985 11
After Spring (1986)

43 min|Short, Comedy, Drama|01 Oct 1986

6.3Rating: 6.3 / 10 from 102 users
It is the last day of school before summer vacation. The teacher can be heard telling the students about a traveler going to America. As the bell rings we see dozens of children running …

15 reviews for Sommerjubel 1985

  1. DONALD AMBROSE (verified owner)

  2. Howard N. (verified owner)

    Some good, comic moments around children exploring erotic things – unusual!

  3. Dennis Fry (verified owner)

  4. Andrew S. (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality is OK even though it’s a copy. Not a huge fan of the film.

  6. Peter (verified owner)

  7. Scott cordell (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very great.

  10. Robert LYONS (verified owner)

    Good story but the filming could have been better, although it was made many years ago.

  11. Theodor Stadler (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Troy (verified owner)

  14. Domingo Rivera (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

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