Strange Holiday 1970



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Strange Holiday 1970
1h 15m | Adventure, Family | 28 February 1970 (USA)
Storyline:Ten boys and a dog are shipwrecked on an island in the Pacific. After a storm they discover another boat has been shipwrecked on the island. They make friends with two of the survivors, a nurse and ship’s carpenter, but discover there are three other survivors who are ruthless mutineers. The children manage to outwit the mutineers, the carpenter builds them a boat and they sail home.User review:“Ridiculous” is probably the best word to describe this time-waster, a kid’s film ranked somewhere between TREASURE ISLAND and HOME ALONE. What WERE the Producers thinking?Through circumstances that simply aren’t worth enlightening you with, ten boys and the obligatory canine, are shipwrecked on a desert island. (Why can’t anyone be shipwrecked just off Hawaii or the coast of Florida?) Their lives are then intruded upon by a bunch of scheming adults, who if they’d watched BABY GENIUSES would know, never come out winners!Screenplay was somewhat loosely adapted by Producer/Writer/Director Brown, from an original story called “Deux Ans En Vacance” (Two Years On Holiday) by none other than Jules Verne. For what it is worth, it was filmed entirely in Sydney.
Director: Mende Brown
Writer: Jules Verne (concept)
Stars: Jaeme Hamilton, Mark Healey, Jaime Massang
Country of origin: Australia
Language: English
Also known as: Boys of Lost Island
Filming locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
IMDB Profile tt0065040

Strange Holiday (1970)

Strange Holiday 1970 7


Strange Holiday

Director: Mende Brown

Writers: Jules Verne

Stars: Jaeme Hamilton, Mark Healey, Jaime Massang

Summary: Ten young boys are shipwrecked somewhere in Oceania.

Also known as: Strange Holiday (1970) on DVD

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