STUM (Tongue-Tied) 2018



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STUM (Tongue-Tied) 2018
Short, Drama | 14 February 2018 (UK)


In Stavanger, Norway, teenager Sondre decides it’s time to come out to his friends, as well as face the abandonment issues which have resurfaced following big news from his boyfriend. An uplifting LGBT Drama/Romance short about overcoming the obstacles life puts in your path.

User review:

…like many others. well known in each detail. and surprising. for the ordinary motifs,, from cinematography to the young actors, from landscape to the script in which the dialogues as refuges. because, as many good directors, Eilidh Gow knows the virtues of silence. and use it in precise manner. a film about an age more than about two boys before the breakup. the last scene and its incredible beauty . and the wind and waves transforming ,with each sound, the viewer in direct onlooker, as part of story.

Directors: David Bonetti, Eilidh Gow (co-director)
Writers: David Bonetti, Eilidh Gow
Stars: David Bonetti, Tom Dart, Lars Kristian Gellein
Country: Norway
Language: English
Release Date: 14 February 2018 (UK)

STUM (Tongue-Tied) 2018 9
STUM (Tongue-Tied) (2018)

N/A|Short, Drama|14 Feb 2018

6.6Rating: 6.6 / 10 from 12 users
An uplifting LGBT Drama/Romance about a young boy in the Southwest of Norway overcoming his issues.


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