Summer Camp Nightmare 1987



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Summer Camp Nightmare 1987
PG-13 | 1h 29min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 17 April 1987 (USA)


At Camp North Pines for Boys, the campers, led by the charismatic Franklin Reilly, stage a revolt against the strict owner, Mr. Warren, and lock him and the rest of the counselors up and take over the camp for themselves. But the revolt soon spirals out of control as the boys also lead a takeover of the nearby girls camp as well. Then, Mr. Warren is accidentally killed trying to escape. Friction soon happens between the two boys and girls camps, which only one camper, a certain Donald Poultry, tries to get the word out and unseat Franklin as the leader.

User review:

“Attention campers! Welcome to North Pines, where we got lotsa soul, and rock-n-roll, and wild times.” This film defines the eighties; the cheese, the mullets, the headbands, the ragged jeans. Summer Camp Nightmare is pure fun and a great addition to the eighties teen movie legacy. I also found this one hiding out in the horror section (where it does not belong). It’s title is a tad misleading (except the camp part, because this movie’s full of it). It’s storyline is similar to that of Lord of the Flies but it doesn’t take itself that seriously. Instead, it becomes one of the most hilarious flicks I’ve ever seen. Charles Stratton does an excellent job as a far-out Counselor In Training who leads the revolution of Camp North Pines. “Society keeps us in line by the use of fear. When we overcome fear, that’s when we stand above society.” With this theory, he convinces almost everyone to join the revolt. It’s filled with great characters, the best of course being Runk the Punk with his Iron Maiden t-shirt. Runk, without a doubt, has the two best lines in the movie. 1) “Stay outta my face, small crap.” and 2) when he and Mason (Tom Fridley from Friday the 13th Part VI) lip sync a Fear song titled “Beef Bologna” at the talent show. From there, the movie gets fairly medieval as the kids become more and more primitive. Their new society fails and all hell breaks loose. If you’re a fan of the eighties, you have to find this cult classic. To the revolution!

Director: Bert L. Dragin
Writers: Bert L. Dragin (screenplay), Penelope Spheeris (screenplay)
Stars: Chuck Connors, Charlie Stratton, Harold Pruett
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 17 April 1987 (USA)
Also Known As: The Butterfly Revolution
Filming Locations: California, USA


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