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Takapihan sankarit 1992
57min | Family | 12 December 1992 (Finland)


Osmo Peltonen (People’s News 11.12.1992) compared the backyard heroes at the same time-dosed premiere at the Parrot man : “Kaarlo Merimaan books that drew backyard heroes .. Manages to cleanly push through a date with a children’s perspective on time, the picture and the child actors, this may possibly sense the effect on the Danish and Swedish children’s films backyard the weakness of heroes is that there is not enough tendency in the episodic story, especially if it is compared to a parrotsman who often looks quite “right” in the film. ”

“The tutor’s grip is not enough to keep a variety of episodes in size,” Katriina Kauppila also said. (Lapsen Maailma 2/1993). “There is a chance to find a movie but, for example, a hysterical but subdued comedy is just a promise, but the heroes of the backyard are a paradise for the first time in a nice way down the road, but it is not trying to crawl from the sky but just to reach it.”

“Pohjola seeks out a narrative nostalgic genius and a humorous joke,” wrote Tarmo Poussu (Ilta-Sanomat on December 11, 1992). “The company is still a sham and the cause is not merely a manuscript in the unprecedented episodic nature, but Pohjola can not get its kind of childlike character out of the wild actor performances.

Antti Lindqvist (see 6/1993) and Petri Kemppinen (Helsingin Sanomat 12.12.1992) considered Antti Rimminen as the most pioneering actor for children. “The adult teacher (Mikko Reitala) is the most elaborate,” continued Kemppinen. “He’s a naughty nil, a seemingly living adult memory of childhood.” (google translated)

Director: Panu Pohjola
Writers: Antti Hietala (screenplay), Kaarlo Merimaa (novel)
Stars: Tuomas Petelius, Antti Rimminen, Margareta Brummer
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: 12 December 1992 (Finland)

Takapihan sankarit 1992 with English Subtitles 9
Takapihan sankarit (1992)

N/A|N/A|12 Dec 1992

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