The Boy and the Bard 2012



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The Boy and the Bard 2012
3min | Short, Fantasy | 19 May 2012 (USA)

User review:

The Boy and the Bard is simply a amazing short film creation. A short film that you most definitely can’t stop watching even though it’s 3 min you can watch it again and again. The short film tells a story of a boy and his imaginary friend. This one is a must watch even if you’re a fan of Halloween Movies, Halloween Short Films etc. if you’re in a mood for something good to watch for short period of time. Click play on The Boy and the Bard you will be amazed. A great performance by Trevor Standish he was incredible. Also a great performance and great work by Dave Campbell, Will Morris, and the entire crew.

Even though this film was short film. The audience loved it. It would be cool to see a full-length horror film of it. Starring Trevor Standish in the lead and the same cast and more characters of course. This was a great short film and it be great to see more. The Boy and the Bard was indeed AWESOME! great work!

Directors: André Freitas, Chance White
Writers: André Freitas, Donald Hamrick (as Donny Hamrick)
Stars: Trevor Standish, Dave Campbell, Will Morris

The Boy and the Bard 2012 7
The Boy and the Bard (2012)

3 min|Short, Fantasy|19 May 2012

7.7Rating: 7.7 / 10 from 6 users


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