The Cellar 1988



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The Cellar 1988
1h 25m | Horror | 12 September 1990 (USA)
Storyline:A young boy finds an ancient Comanche monster spirit in the basement of his home. His parents don’t believe him, so he must kill the monster alone.User review:The Cellar isn’t brilliant but it does have its good points. It starts off very slowly and for the most part of the first half, it’s boring. Things start looking up in the second half though, as we are introduced to the monster. The cellar setting is very effective, as are the tunnels where the monster lives. There is a suspenseful scene close to the end where the father locks his son in the kitchen to prove that “there’s no monster”. Of course, the monster comes out to attack the boy.I wouldn’t urge anyone to seek this out, but fans of cheap 80’s horror might want to add it to their collection.
Director: Kevin Tenney
Writers: David Henry Keller (short story), John Woodward (screen story), Darryl Wimberley (screen story)
Stars: Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzanne Savoy
Country of origin: United States
Language: English
Also known as: Anthony II
Filming locations: Tucson, Arizona, USA
IMDB Profile tt0099235

The Cellar (1988)

The Cellar 1988 8


The Cellar

Director: Kevin Tenney

Writers: David Henry Keller, John Woodward, Darryl Wimberley

Stars: Patrick Kilpatrick, Chris Miller, Suzanne Savoy

Summary: A family moves into an old house in the Texas desert that is haunted by a Native American curse in the form of a ferocious creature that dwells underground.

Also known as: The Cellar (1988) on DVD

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