The Ewok Adventure 1984



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The Ewok Adventure 1984
TV-G | 1h 36min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy | TV Movie 25 November 1984
Storyline:The Towani family civilian shuttlecraft crashes on the forest moon of Endor. The four Towani’s are separated. Jermitt and Catarine, the mother and father are captured by the giant Gorax, and Mace and Cindel, the son and daughter, are missing when they are captured. The next day, the Ewok Deej is looking for his two sons when they find Cindel all alone in the shuttle (Mace and Cindel were looking for the transmitter to send a distress call), when Mace appears with his emergency blaster. Eventually, the four-year old Cindel is able to convince the teenage Mace that the Ewoks are nice. Then, the Ewoks and the Towani’s go on an adventure to find the elder Towanis.User review:George Lucas made a shrewd marketing move in the early eighties; changing the creatures to feature in 1983’s Return of the Jedi from forest-dwelling Wookies, to small, cute and furry Ewoks. Lucas knew where the majority of his money was coming from: Merchandise. Ewoks were the cross-gender Star Wars ‘commodity’. Figurines could be manufactured for the boys, so that they may interact with their existing toys; and a cuddly version could also be produced. However, after the release of Return of the Jedi, they no longer had a vehicle of promotion. So, Lucas pens “An Ewok Adventure” (story only), and cheaply produces a TV-movie.Mace (Eric Walker), a mini-Skywalker, and his little sister Cindel (Aubree Miller), a sickening Curly-f*****g-Sue, are stranded on the forest moon of Endor after their space cruiser crashed. Their parents Jeremitt (Guy Boyd) and Caterine (Fionnula Flanagan) have been kidnapped by the giant Gorax. The Ewoks discover the ship and take the kids back to their village. Eventually they join forces and form a quest to save the parents. This is aimed directly at kids of course. In 1985, both the “sequel” TV movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor, and Ewoks: The Animated Series were produced, further exacerbating the kids “nag factor” element of toy marketing.Oh, how times have changed! Well, I can certainly see this crass cash-in for what it is now that I’m a pseudo-adult. But at the age of 8, this was related to Star Wars. It could well have just been Chewbacca shitting in a basket (or even The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)), but I would have loved it anyway. In hindsight, yes the Ewoks were rubbish anyway. But I admit this was not the case at the time (the shame!). What’s even more shameful, is now that I’ve just watched it for the second time, I have now wasted three hours of my life on it. There are a few, good-for-the-time special effects. But this does not redeem a product of greedy capitalism.
Director: John Korty
Writers: George Lucas (story), Bob Carrau (teleplay)
Stars: Eric Walker, Warwick Davis, Fionnula Flanagan
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 25 November 1984 (USA)
Also Known As: Star Wars: Ewok Adventures
Filming Locations: Marin County, California, USA
IMDB Profile tt0087225

The Ewok Adventure (1984)

The Ewok Adventure 1984 1


The Ewok Adventure

Director: John Korty

Writers: George Lucas, Bob Carrau

Stars: Eric Walker, Warwick Davis, Fionnula Flanagan

Summary: Wicket the Ewok and his friends agree to help two shipwrecked human children, Mace and Cindel, on a quest to find their parents.

Also known as: The Ewok Adventure (1984) on DVD

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