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The Last Match 2013
La partida (original title)
Not Rated | 1h 34min | Drama, Romance | 5 May 2013 (USA)


Cuba is not a country for young gays. Teen rent boy Reinier falls in love with a mate in the slum soccer field at their neighbourhood in Havana. Although obsessed with moneymaking to hold up his baby, teen wife and wife’s granma, gambler Reinier always fails in getting the stoke of luck he looks for. At the same time he cannot help being infatuated by Yosvani. Handsome Yosvani will give up his wealthy -and elder- girlfriend whom he hooked to pay him a lavish life in the big city, and the works he makes for her father, a loan thug, so much in love he is with Reinier. But the boys would fight hard to keep this love in the reckless Havana streets.

User review:

Being a teenager or young is difficult in all modern societies. And being gay adds some extra speculations and fears. I am gay and I am from Argentina, and in the mid nineties (when I was 25) I was fortunate to travel alone to Cuba on vacations. There, I met a Cuban young man of the same age as me, “by chance” in the streets of La Havana, and I had a little romance with him during my staying in this beautiful and romantic country. Due to this, I could live some of the situations portrayed in the film and I can say in that sense it is rather accurate. In Cuba there is not classical “poverty”. They lack of desirable capitalist goods (like electronics or branded shoes, etc) but they are not hungry or without health care, education, etc. And the means to obtain these goods is through the tourists from Europe and Latin America. Well, the weather is hot all the year long, the same as the people doing things outside their houses until very late in the night. And Cubans are very romantic people in general. Well, my “Cuban boyfriend” lived with his family there. And he was openly gay. He (as the one in the film) presented me to his parents and brothers, the second day after we met. Well, the economic situation of the country (little communist island commercially blocked by its neighbor the superpower with the supportive superpower recently disappeared) took us to an uneven relationship (I had the dollars to spend), though not so much because my origin, age, job, etc.. But thanks to him, many things we did were done using “services and fares for Cubans” (not the ones for tourists). My country and specially my city is rather open to gay people, since those years. and I perceived a similar “air” in La Havanna. OK, There was not “gay dance clubs”, but we went to dance to ordinary places and we danced together only taking care of not to kiss each other in public but we did it in familiar places. Well, this is my context to evaluate the film from there I feel it was well exposed by the script and director. In this case, both characters are young men, supposedly heterosexual, living and being maintained by their respective girlfriends’ family, who fell in love of each other. The end of the film could be in the way it is or being more or less tragic. For me, the value of this movie is to have transporting me back to the Cuba I have known.

Director: Antonio Hens
Writers: Abel González Melo, Antonio Hens
Stars: Milton García, Reinier Díaz, Jenifer Rodríguez
Country: Spain | Cuba
Language: Spanish | Italian
Release Date: 5 May 2013 (USA)
Also Known As: A Última Partida
Filming Locations: Havana, Cuba

The Last Match 2013 with English Subtitles 12
The Last Match (2013)

94 min|Drama, Romance|05 May 2013

6.4Rating: 6.4 / 10 from 1,744 users
Two teenage men fall in love, surrounded by the poverty and the marginalization of their country are forced to change their lives and take big risks.


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