Tomgirl 2015



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Tomgirl 2015
14min | Documentary, Drama | 27 March 2015 (USA)


Jake, a gender non-conforming seven year-old, invites us into his world to explore the transforming power of love and support on our children.

User review:

Tomgirl Jeremy Asher Lynch is a documentary on American short film format on Jake, a seven year old boy with his own sense of life, fashion and about not what makes you conformed to a supposed role society imposes but on his own path and wills.
If initially the viewer meets a young child who appears to be a little different from the others to present themselves to the world differently from what socially expected of a young boy, it is also true that as he talks about his dreams become a “magic potions”, a vet or police realizes that he is no more a child like so many others who simply dared to being in the world just like it is … with a personality and individuality that out yes but at the same time, they reveal him as someone who thinks for himself, what is stated above and which has the support of those around you … family and friends.
Thus, far from weave any kind of judgment about Jake, this short film rather weaves a score opinion on those who dare to judge on those who determine what is “right” in society and how this – and the community – sets a set of socially accepted standards dominated platitudes like “blue is the color of the boys” and “pink the girls.”
Interesting is Jake’s mother thought that at some point questions what is “right” in the healthy development of a child, ie, it will be proper to let it be as it is and to express the way you feel toward you and in the world or turn yield to such parameters imposed by society – family, friends and the media – which sells an ideal of perfection and creates a sense of acceptance that far that we are all born initially. At this point – this brief moment – all born only and only with a clear sense of happiness and admiration for this / that makes us reach the world having no notion of “right” or “wrong” until we put the head by those around us triggering at the same time, a whole set of prejudices and preconceptions that, well analyzed, are not.
With a keen sense of loyalty to you and toward the viewer, Jake and his family and closest friends uncover a little about your experience, about their wishes for the future – in the background the same as so many others – and hope ( or we hope) that the world could be a little more “clean” of notions and concepts that instead of celebrating the individual, isolate and make it alone and, in good measure, a picture not so happy of all others.
In a simple and perhaps eloquent expression … Tomgirl is bright and bold. A documentary that should be seen, digested and he also celebrated. (google translated)

Director: Jeremy Asher Lynch
Writer: Stephen Przybylowski (story)



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File size : 353 MiB
Duration : 13mn 53s
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
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