Vybuch bude v pet 1984

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Vybuch bude v pet 1984


HIavním hero Gottwaldov children’s film director Josef Pinkava blast will be five a fifth-grade pupil Louis XIV. It features an extraordinary talent for physics, which drives him to new and new attempts, while childishly naive, but essentially based on sound scientific principles. Most of them, however, ~ especially for adults misunderstanding – ends ominously until the moment when Louis takes a physics professor Lumír Kostečka, who will continue his extraordinary talent to manage and develop. Besides the positive dětskjch types are successfully captured and negative types, such as the notorious slacker, a smoker and a thief Vosecký of eight. Vvkreslenií figures in adolescents and adults, the authors unfortunately failed to avoid many of the stereotypes zřetelnúmi traces of literary cliche. The film is a wreck filmed in a fresh and spontaneous tempo game dětskúch representatives of the young audience will be astonished. ~ On XXIV. Film Festival for Children in 1984 she received Gottwald Josef Pinkava Award Cs. film silver whistle.
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Director: Josef Pinkava
Writer: Alena Vostrá
Stars: Jirí Hálek, Lubor Tokos, Václav Babka

Vybuch bude v pet 1984 8
Výbuch bude v pet (1984)


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